Simple & Safe to Use! 1) Spray your Scent-Lit Fragrance one time on the warmer lid. 2) Turn the knob to adjust your lighting and the intensity of your aroma. 3) Enjoy the aroma in more waiting!


* Wickless, Waxless, Waste Less
* 3-in-1...Lighting, Style, and Aroma
* High quality multipurpose products
* Adjustable lighting to set the perfect mood
* Different settings to intensify aroma
* Dual use fragrance spray
* Scent-Lit cleaner makes it easy to wipe clean

Wickless Candles

Scent-Lit Offers the ​​3 Elements to Home Harmony


Our multipurpose candles have adjustable dimmers with three-stage lighting that allows you to set the perfect mood for your home. A dim romantic evening, a nightlight to accent any room, or a bright reading light which allows you to conserve energy.​


Scent-Lit offers a variety of collections to fit the personal style of anyone. Our candles complement your home décor naturally, while making a statement in any room. Great conversation pieces!​


Scent-Lit multipurpose candles give you the ability to adjust the intensity of your aroma. We offer a variety of fragrance sprays that will fit the preferred taste for any man or woman, and the home. The pureness of our fragrance spray enhances the smell so one spray equals hours of aroma.

Why do customers love our fragrances so much?

We created a special concentrated formula that expands in the air and linger for hours.
You can spray it directly in the air like a room spray, or spray it on your candle lid for continuous aroma.
Last much longer than waxes, plug-ins, and diffusers 
One squirt = instant aroma + 48hrs of freshness


Use our multipurpose Scent-Lit Cleaner to wipe away fragrance spray when needed. Simply let the fragrance spray evaporate, pour it out, or just wipe clean with the Scent-Lit cleaner. It is also great for removing dirt, oil, or grease from leather, suede, synthetic, textile, rubber, and canvas materials. Scent-Lit Cleaner is a water-based, biodegradable solution without bleach or acids. Plus, it’'s non-carcinogenic and nonflammable. This is a safe environmentally friendly product that works! Once again, Scent-Lit provides another multipurpose product that you can use more ways than one.