Our Story

I still tear up when I think back to the day that forever changed my life. It was so hot and humid I could hardly breathe, and being 8 months pregnant with my second son did not help much. I had come so far in my life, leaving home at 19 to fight for my country. Yet there I was, June 21st ready to leave it all behind after 7 years of serving my country in the United States Air Force.

The fear of the unknown consumed me and the anxiety squeezed the air from my lungs. There was no turning back. I had to take a chance on me. There was no way I could remain a part of the military family I loved. With one son, and another son on the way, I could not risk the chance of both military parents being deployed and leaving them behind.

As I signed the mountain of exit paperwork from the Air Force, I thought to myself, “I pray that I can find a job that will be as rewarding as serving my country.” Holding back the tears, I signed the last sheet of paper, hugged and kissed my lifelong friends and embarked on a new journey.

I needed a stay at home income source with flexible hours that would help sustain my family. First came real-estate, then title work, followed by credit repair. I tried home daycare and multi-level marketing, but nothing paid well enough or felt right. I missed the income and the sense of security the military provided. I longed for conviction and passion for what I was doing. My soul needed to be surrounded by people who wanted to succeed and be a part of a winning team.

One day, my husband and I were leaving a doctor’s appointment, as we were heading out, we spotted a vendor. My husband was the first to go over, and then I followed. The vendor had a variety of products, but it was this one candle that caught my attention. I thought to myself, “I have been all over the world, and I have never seen a candle like this. I just had to buy it.

One night, like so many nights before, I used this scented candle, dimmed the lights in our bedroom, and began exploring my deepest thoughts. That is when it hit me! My senses tingled as I realized what I needed. What most women longed for was already within my reach. The ambiance and the aroma of the scented candle illuminated as I stared at it transfixed. Was this simple candle that provided lighting, style, and aroma the answer?

Listening to my inner voice, I heard the whispers of a 19 year old, as she started the long bus ride headed to basic training. It had been nearly ten years, but I could still hear her whisper to me, “create your own success.” As the Scent of the Lit candle intensified, my entire perspective began to change.

I wanted the world to see this product right then. I raced to the phone with the vendor’s business card in hand, and made the call without hesitation. She was kind enough to give me enough information about the product to start my search. I said a special prayer, and spent countless days searching for similar products, and could not find anything. So I reached out to my military family around the world, and with their help I was put into contact with an overseas manufacturer. From there, I was able to create a unique catalog of collections to form Scent-Lit.

“In my heart, I knew that this was a product that should be in every household. I wanted to create a company that helps others create success by using my experiences and my strong desire to serve others. I wanted to build a company that would help consultants and clients create lasting memories.”

Scent Lit was formed to develop relationships, shaped by working in an honest and rewarding company where people feel proud to help others create their own success. Scent Lit is dedicated to providing a supplemental income and a support system to anyone who is determined to making their dreams come true. We are proud to offer charity and fundraising organizations an opportunity to offer others Scent-Lit products.


Welcome to Scent-Lit,
Stephanie Glover
CEO & Founder